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NFL Power Rankings: Two-game skid doesn't affect Bengals... much

Taking a look at the power rankings around the mainstream media after week ten.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Surprisingly the Bengals two-game skid against bad teams hasn't affected their overall presence in the totally relevant power rankings. Prior to the loss in Miami, the Bengals average power ranking (of the rankings that we monitor), was 7.2. After Baltimore, it's fallen to 10.5.

Elliot Harrison writes:

What an ugly loss to the Ravens. Don't let the close score fool ya'; Cincinnati stayed in this one on the strength of a desperation heave with no time left (and a gift tap from James Ihedigbo). Can't blame Bengals fans if they've done an about-face on Andy Dalton, who was hot a few weeks ago but looked absolutely awful Sunday. At this point, it's safe to say he's holding the team back.

ESPN writes:

After back-to-back losses in Miami and Baltimore, the Bengals seem to be the most underwhelming division leader in the league (non-NFC East, of course).

But the more appropriate comment probably comes from Brian Billick.

At least the Hail Mary to force overtime was cool.

The list.

SB Nation 11 10 8
ESPN 10 8 7 (Prisco) 10 8 6
Fox Sports (Billick) 13 11 7 9 8 7
Pro Football Talk 10 8 8