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NFL Power Rankings week 12 - no more undefeateds

Still plenty of surprises this week in the NFL, I wonder if anyone in the AFC actually wants to make the playoffs.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

A little movement at the top as the Chiefs suffer their first loss and their first drop in the rankings. I think they played well enough in Denver but the drops really hurt them.

The Bengals feel much better after beating up on in state rival Cleveland. The big story is the Panthers, they are looking like a team that could make some noise in the post season.

Team Record Rank Reason Previous Ranking
Broncos 9-1 1 The Broncos had the right game plan for Kansas City. They were able to keep a dinged up Manning from being touched 2
Chiefs 9-1 2 The Chiefs finally lost, but had a bunch of opportunities against the Broncos. Looking forward to round two in a couple weeks 1
Seahawks 10-1 3 They beat up on the Vikings at home to stay on pace with the 1 loss teams 3
Saints 8-2 4 Aided by a questionable call that would have ended the game, the Saints beat the 49'ers at home 4
Panthers 7-3 5 This team looks to have the best defense in the league, outstanding how they shut down offenses 5
Colts 7-3 6 Pulled one out against a Titans team that did not want to go away 7
Patriots 7-3 7 Yes, probably a missed call at the end of the game, but like they say, don't leave it up to the refs 6
Bengals 7-4 8 Rocky start and then a beat down on the Browns. Is the division race over? 9
49ers 6-4 9 Colin Kaeprnick is not playing to the level he did last season, but the defense is good and Michael Crabtree should be back soon 8
Lions 6-4 10 The defense couldn't stop Pittsburgh's offense, so you know there is trouble. 10
Bears 6-4 11 Josh McCown gets another week as Jay Cutler is still on the mend. Way to pull one out against the Ravens 11
Cowboys 5-5 12 Bye 12
Cardinals 6-4 13 Carson Palmer had over 400 yds passing as the Cardinals are creeping up these rankings 14
Eagles 6-5 14 Nick Foles still has no interceptions. Is Mike Vick done in Philly? 16
Jets 5-5 15 Geno Smith played terribly as he was pressured all day. 13
Dolphins 5-5 16 A win over the Chargers was nice, but still dealing with the fallout from the bullies in Miami 20
Steelers 4-6 17 Antonio Brown is the Steelers offense. Can't wait to see him match up against Joe Haden 26
Giants 4-6 18 4 in a row. Did someone put Tom Coughlin on the hotseat again? 27
Packers 5-5 19 How can this offense only post 13 points a week? 15
Chargers 4-6 20 The loss probably puts them out of the playoff race unless they win out. 18
Browns 4-6 21 Take out the 2nd quarter and the Browns are in this game. Cleveland fan on a blog: "The Bengals defense is not that good". Funny. 17
Ravens 4-6 22 With this loss, their post season window is almost shut 19
Bills 4-7 23 E.J. Manuel had a good day shredding the Jets. Geno Smith helped by continuing to give the ball back time after time. 24
Titans 4-6 24 Fought hard at home against the Colts. The fumbled kickoff hurt a little too much. 21
Rams 4-6 25 bye 22
Raiders 4-6 26 Matt McGloin had 3 touchdowns no interceptions, do the Raiders have their next starting QB this season? 25
Buccaneers 2-8 27 When the offensive line open holes the size of a truck, running backs are going to get stats. 31
Redskins 3-7 28 4 net yds passing at the half. RG who? 23
Texans 2-8 29 Crazy how far this team fell. Battling Atlanta for biggest disappointment this season. 28
Falcons 2-8 30 read above… 29
Vikings 2-8 31 Adrian Peterson couldn't get it going, and seeing as he is the Vikings offense neither could Minnesota. 30
Jaguars 1-9 32 They showed some life when ripping the dreads from players heads. But yeah, they lost again. 32