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NFL Power Rankings week 13 - Any given Sunday

We continue to see shakeup throughout the rankings. It is an any given Sunday kind of season and it is fun watching it play out.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

When the Chiefs lost to the Chargers, I am sure Broncos fans were pretty happy. For about 8 hours. Then the Broncos blew a 24 point half time lead to the Patriots to lose in overtime.

The Chargers made a case as to why they should still be considered in the wild card race and there are 6 5-6 teams that are in line for the last seed in the AFC. Here are the week 13 rankings:

Team Record Rank Reason Previous Ranking
Seahawks 10-1 1 Nice to move up during a bye week. This team not only holds the best record, they also may be the best team in the league. 3
Broncos 9-2 2 A tale of two halves, in the first they looked unbeatable. In the second they looked like about the 6th best team in the AFC. 1
Saints 9-2 3 Not the best game against the terrible Atlanta Falcons. At home they are very good, on the road they could have issues. 4
Patriots 8-3 4 Huge come from behind win against the Broncos. They probably lose that game on the road but it turned into a statement game for the Pats. 7
Chiefs 9-2 5 Could have been set up well with a division win against the Chargers, but two bad injuries allowed Philip Rivers the time he needed to carve the defense. 2
Panthers 8-3 6 7 wins in a row. Losses to the Cardinals, Seattle and Buffalo when they were healthy. This is a very good team. 5
49ers 7-4 7 The defense is still strong holding opposing teams to 10 or less in the last 4 games. 9
Bengals 7-4 8 Bye 8
Cardinals 7-4 9 The Cards are becoming a legitimate threat. A great defense that has a QB playing very well. (I just puked in my mouth a little) 13
Colts 7-4 10 Carson Palmer keeps on giving and just housed the Colts to the Bengals favor in the standings. 6
Cowboys 6-5 11 Big win beating the red hot Giants. On paper this team should be good. At times we actually see it. 12
Lions 6-5 12 Matthew Stafford played bad, but the pick from the bread basket ov Calvin Johnson was not on him. 10
Steelers 5-6 13 I was hoping the Browns would end the Steelers season on Sunday. They didn't and this might be the one team I don't want to think about in a wild card matchup. 17
Eagles 6-5 14 Bye 14
Bears 6-5 15 In the NFC North, no one wants to take the lead. The Bears need to get healthy. 11
Chargers 5-6 16 No doubt about it, this was a big team for the Chargers who may have a shot at the last wild card spot in the AFC. 20
Dolphins 5-6 17 It looked like they were going to pull it out against the Panthers. This team is playing tough and has been in a lot of games they eventually lose. 16
Rams 5-6 18 They laid a beat down on the limping Bears, but have now topped the Colts and Bears by a total of 51 points in their last two games. 25
Ravens 5-6 19 The game on Thanksgiving night is big for wildcard implications. Classic matchup of Steelers vs. Ravens that no one thought was going to matter 6 weeks ago. 22
Jets 5-6 20 Geno Smith is who we thought he was. Only thing worse was how bad Ed Reed is playing. Looked lost against his former team. 15
Titans 5-6 21 Ladies and Gentleman, meet your current 6th seed in the playoffs. 24
Giants 4-7 22 I expected a better effort at home, but the slow start doomed them in the end. 18
Packers 5-5-1 23 No shame in a tie game against a 2 win team. Wait, yes there is. 19
Browns 4-7 24 Back in the basement. An old comfortable shoe that has the same decorations from the last time you were there. (Thanks Kevin) 21
Bills 4-7 25 Bye 23
Raiders 4-7 26 Gave up the game in the last 15 seconds to the Titans. Need an answer at QB. 26
Buccaneers 3-8 27 Mike Glennon is playing lights out for this team. 27
Redskins 3-8 28 Will we see Mike Shanahan get the axe in Washington? RG3 is playing terrible and the defense is not showing up. 28
Vikings 2-8-1 29 With a 23-7 at one point it looked like Minnesota was going to win a nice game against the Packers. 31
Falcons 2-9 30 The Falcons had a shot to beat the Saints but fumbled it away. 30
Jaguars 2-9 31 Well, they beat the Texans. They don't want to screw up and give away the number 1 pick. 32
Texans 2-9 32 Opened the season 2-0 and have since lost 9 in a row. 29