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Power Rankings week 10 - Throw my hands up edition

The NFL this season is crazy. No game is easily predicted and when you think one team is better, they lose.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

So every week I work up the power rankings on Monday. I guess who is going to win the Monday night game and then adjust if I was wrong. Most weeks I have been wrong it seems.

Now that bleeds into Sunday. We all saw the Jets were going to beat the Saints. We knew that the Dolphins would top the Bengals and then the Seahawks and Colts struggle in games that should not have been close.

It will probably all settle nicely by week 17 I guess.

Team Record Rank Reason Previous Ranking
Chiefs 9-0 1 The Chiefs don't always win pretty but most importantly they win. They deserve the top spot until someone beats them. 1
Broncos 7-1 2 Hopefully John Fox gets healthy, but Manning will handle calling the plays on offense I am sure. 3
Colts 6-2 3 Down 18, Andrew Luck pulled it out for another 4th quarter comeback. 6
Seahawks 8-1 4 They looked unbeatable at home, and then win-less Tampa Bay should have beat them. 5
49ers 6-2 5 bye 7
Patriots 7-2 6 I enjoyed watching the trashing that the Patriots handed the Steelers in the second half. 8
Saints 6-2 7 The Jets kept the Saints offense in check. 2
Bengals 6-3 8 Losing Geno Atkins was the worst part of this game. The Bengals still hold a healthy lead in the division. 4
Lions 5-3 9 bye 10
Panthers 5-3 10 4 wins in a row. Now they face San Fransisco and New England, this will show if they are legit. 14
Bears 5-3 11 Big win for the Bears in the division. Beating the Packers in Green Bay is rare, they were helped with an early Rodgers injury, 11
Packers 5-3 12 Everyone is waiting to hear the news on Rodgers injury 9
Cowboys 5-4 13 They look to own their division, but the NFC East all together is bad. 12
Chargers 4-4 14 Questionable play calling at the end of the game to punch it in from the 1 for the win. Why not run the ball? 13
Dolphins 4-4 15 A big win for the fins. The defensive line looks good while the offensive line sounds like a Jerry Springer episode. 18
Jets 5-4 16 The offense controlled the ball with no turnovers and they get a big win. 16
Cardinals 4-4 17 bye 21
Titans 4-4 18 There was a Chris Johnson sighting as the Titans took one on the road from the Rams. 19
Browns 4-5 19 You know they love beating the Ravens probably more than any other team. Could Jason Campbell last as a QB for the Browns? 22
Ravens 3-5 20 Ray Rice is a non factor this season and Joe Flacco is not impressive. The Ravens look like a shell of a team that won it all. 15
Eagles 4-5 21 So finally the Eagles get solid play from the QB position. Nick Foles exploded last week. 29
Redskins 3-5 22 Huge goal line stand at the end of the game. 26
Bills 3-6 23 A decent defense, a great run game. E.J. Manuel needs to get healthy for this team. 17
Rams 3-6 24 Zac Stacy is putting up some really big numbers for the Rams, they just have nothing else to compliment him. 20
Texans 2-6 25 So Case Keenum looks like he is ready to keep the starting gig in Houston for a while. 27
Raiders 3-5 26 Nick Foles embarrassed this defense in their own stadium. 23
Falcons 2-6 27 I wonder if Tony Gonzales regrets his decision to come back. 24
Steelers 2-6 28 Old and slow. The Steelers have fallen pretty far from their dominance recently. 25
Giants 2-6 29 bye 28
Vikings 1-7 30 Give the ball to Adrian Peterson, at least fantasy owners will care about the Vikings. 30
Buccaneers 0-8 31 Would have been a big feel good win had they been able to pull it out in Seattle. But, they didn't. 31
Jaguars 0-8 32 After being a bye for so many other teams, they finally got their own bye 32