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NFL Power Rankings - Week 15

Every week I take a look at all the teams and try and decide who is better than the rest.

Rich Schultz

As we inch closer to the post season, there is still a lot of shifting that could happen.

Team Record Rank Reason Previous Ranking
Seahawks 11-2 1 Tough loss on the road that could have been different had San Fran scored a td and left more time on the clock. Still the best defense tops the best offense in the rankings. 1
Broncos 11-2 2 Good win from the offense. This defense is still suspect. 2
Saints 10-3 3 Nice win against a quality defense. Although, they still may need to go back to Seattle. 6
Chiefs 10-3 4 They gave Redskin fans a reason to leave early. 4
49ers 9-4 5 This is a tough team that has the defense to make some noise in the post season. 5
Panthers 9-4 6 The top is crazy, some weeks they look like world beaters, some weeks Drew Brees comes in a carves you up. 3
Bengals 9-4 7 Great team win. Nick Seuberling was pleased with the play of Brandon Tate. 7
Eagles 8-5 8 Who can run in the snow? LeSean McCoy can run in the snow. 9
Patriots 10-3 9 Has there been another team that is surrounded by so much controversy with the officials? 8
Cardinals 8-5 10 Carson Palmer is playing well for this team who has won 5 of their last 6. 11
Colts 8-5 11 They were outplayed by the Bengals, I expected them to show up a little better. 10
Dolphins 7-6 12 Nice win in Pittsburgh to knock the Steelers out in the snow. 15
Lions 7-6 13 The Lions seem to not want to win their division. Not sure what to think about this team. 13
Bears 7-6 14 Nice win for the bears and a great performance by Josh McCown. 16
Chargers 6-7 15 The Chargers probably need to win out to have a shot at the post season. They could do it. 18
Ravens 7-6 16 Can you really feel good about your improbable win against the Vikings without Peterson? 14
Cowboys 7-6 17 Was it the cold or do the Cowboys just not have it in them this season. They got thrashed by the Bears. 12
Steelers 5-8 18 The Steelers are done in by a toe on the line from Antonio Brown. 17
Jets 6-7 19 Geno Smith just throws up a prayer in the end zone and his receiver brings it down. That is not going to happen often Jets fans. 22
Packers 6-6-1 20 Matt Flynn had a good day as the Packers keep the division interesting. 23
Rams 5-8 21 Ran into a surprisingly decent Cardinals team. 19
Giants 5-8 22 They got pasted by the Chargers. Good to see Chargers fans not holding the grudge against Eli. They booed him constantly. 20
Titans 5-8 23 Another team that needs answers from the coaching staff. 21
Buccaneers 4-9 24 Just hammered the Bills. This running game could be scary. 27
Bills 4-9 25 4 picks for E.J. Manuel, not what you want to see from him this late in the season. 23
Browns 4-9 26 They Brownsed it up when they could have beat New England. 26
Vikings 3-9-1 27 Maybe they should just shut Adrian Peterson down at this point. 25
Raiders 4-9 28 This team just fell off the map. More questions than answers at this point. 28
Jaguars 4-9 29 Winners of 4 of the last 5. Where was this play to start the season? 29
Falcons 3-10 30 What else to say, no defense and a struggling offense the entire season. 31
Redskins 3-10 31 Mike Shanahan may not make it to the end of the season. 30
Texans 2-11 32 Gary Kubiak out. The Texans are a bad team what looks good on paper. They could turn it around quickly with the right coach. 32