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NFL Power Rankings week 17

Every week I take a look at all the teams and try and decide who is better than the rest.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

As we enter the final week of the season, there are still a lot of questions in the top 10.

Team Record Rank Reason Previous Ranking
Seahawks 12-3 1 They lost at home finally, to the Cardinals in a division game. I still think this is the most complete team. 1
49ers 11-4 2 Survived the Monday night game against the Falcons. This team is also good on both sides of the ball. 2
Broncos 12-3 3 Losing Von Miller is not good for an already questionable defense. 3
Panthers 11-4 4 The Panthers keep winning tough games. The offense needs to improve to carry them in the post season. 6
Chiefs 11-4 5 What happened to the KC defense? 4
Saints 10-5 6 This team is very good, but can they win on the road in the playoffs? 5
Bengals 10-5 7 They need to be mentioned as one of the teams with an incredible home field advantage. 7
Patriots 11-4 8 If they stumble they can drop from the 2 seed to the 4th. 8
Cardinals 10-5 9 Huge win for a team fighting for a spot. No other team has topped the Seahawks in their home. 9
Colts 10-5 10 Just not sure about this team, they beat Denver and KC but then falter against bad teams. 10
Eagles 9-6 11 Talk about a crushing win, the Bears had no business being on the same field. 13
Chargers 8-7 12 They are still alive and need some shifting to happen in this final week. 14
Dolphins 8-7 13 Their loss opened the door for a few other teams. 12
Ravens 8-7 14 Facing a must win, they face Cincinnati where the Bengals have not lost in over a year. 11
Steelers 7-8 15 Although slight, they still have a shot at the playoffs. 16
Bears 8-7 16 Do you stay with Cutler? Probably doesn't matter if you can't stop the run. 15
Cowboys 8-7 17 No Romo for the biggest game of the Cowboys season, do you have faith in Kyle Orton? 18
Packers 7-7-1 18 Should they force Rodgers back for the final game of the season? 19
Lions 7-8 19 A ton of talent wasted. 17
Rams 7-8 20 Zac Stacy looks like a great talent for the future. 20
Jets 7-8 21 Is this the end for the Rex Ryan show? 27
Titans 6-9 22 The Titans show their formidable rushing attack. 22
Giants 6-9 23 Is Manning on the back side of a career, just a horrible season for him. 25
Bills 6-9 24 Thad Lewis is 2-0 against Miami this season. 26
Buccaneers 4-11 25 As the clock ticks the seat gets hotter for this coaching staff. 24
Vikings 4-10-1 26 Cincinnati stomped out Matt Cassel's hot streak. 23
Browns 4-11 27 Remember when this team showed promise and thought they may challenge for the division? 27
Jaguars 4-11 28 At least the weather is nicer in Florida??? 28
Raiders 4-11 29 Nothing sticks, this team has more questions than answers. 29
Falcons 4-11 30 Had a chance to knock off the 49ers but blew it in the red zone. 30
Redskins 3-12 31 Can't wait to see how this coaching decision plays out. 31
Texans 2-13 32 Matt Schaub's final pass as a Texan could have been an interception. 32