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NFL Power Rankings: ...and up we go!

The Bengals were inching closer towards the top-five two weeks ago. Last week, they were falling. This week, their rising. Put your arms out. It makes this roller coaster ride "funner".


SB Nation in their latest power rankings writes, "The Ginger Avenger has spit the bit on more than one occasion this season, but he grabbed the TCB lightning bolt like Zeus himself and smote the Vikings."

W.T.F. I have GOT to find the company tokin' party.

Elliot Harrison offers a more sober perspective:

Two weeks ago, the Bengals hammered the Colts in Cincinnati, then got their butts kicked in Pittsburgh before pouncing on the Vikings on Sunday. Forcing four turnovers helped, as did Matt Cassel suddenly remembering that he's Matt Cassel. Next week, the Bengals will play for the AFC's No. 2 seed and a first-round bye. Make no mistake: Given how the Stripes have fared in the wild-card round the past two years, getting that week off would be huge.

ESPN writes:

Cincinnati has scored 40 points in each of its past four home games. The Bengals average 34.4 points per game at home, compared to 19.4 points on the road.

Pete Prisco writes:

They are such a different team at home than on the road. Andy Dalton has 15 touchdown passes in his past four games at home. Wow.

Brian Billick:

The Bengals are a perfect 7-0 at home this season and have scored 40-plus in each of their last four games played in Cincinnati. They are goi be a very tough out in the playoffs.

The list.

SB Nation 7 9 7
ESPN 7 9 8 (Prisco) 6 8 5
Fox Sports (Billick) 7 8 7 8 8 8
Pro Football Talk 10 11 5