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NFL Power Rankings: Bengals actually lost a spot after beating the Chargers

The Cincinnati Bengals are hovering anywhere from 6-8 on the weekly power rankings. Most kept the team stationary from their previous ranking -- except for one, who actually dropped Cincinnati a spot after beating the Chargers... on the road.

Stan Liu-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN, more infatuated with Andy Dalton than they are acknowledging the defense.

Andy Dalton connected with A.J. Green for a 21-yard TD Sunday. Dalton is averaging almost twice as many yards per deep attempt to Green (17.4) than everyone else (9.0).

Pete Prisco with understands.

The defense is playoff good. Now they have to get the offense there as well.

Brian Billick has a parting word on Dalton.

All of the Bengals four losses this season have come on the road, but beating the Chargers in San Diego on Sunday is something they can hang their hat on. Still, Andy Dalton makes me very nervous.

Despite being downgraded from six last week (during a bye) to seven (after beating the Chargers on the road), my SBN bretheran at least makes the attempt on defense.

The Chargers' defense has been exploited so often that it has its own human rights case worker, but Andy Dalton - his October hot streak a distant memory - could get nothing going for most of the day. Dalton nearly hospitalized AJ Green with one throw before finally finding him hilariously uncovered in the end zone. Fortunately for the Bengals, their own D is made of sterner stuff and was able to stymie Philip Rivers and his precision passing game. The Bengals' ascent to 8-4 without Geno Atkins and Leon Hall - and with Dalton - is a testament to a really stacked roster. (Last Week: 6)

The list.

SB Nation 7 6 8
ESPN 8 8 8 (Prisco) 7 7 8
Fox Sports (Billick) 6 6 10 8 9 9
Pro Football Talk 6 7 8