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NFL Power Rankings 2013: Bengals with slight drop

Usually after a week one loss, teams begin to shuffle around on the magical power rankings board. The Bengals loss to a good Bears team in Chicago so that drop wasn't significant.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Despite losing to the Chicago Bears on Sunday, the Bengals didn't take the nose-dive fall that a corresponding loss attributes to Power Rankings. In most polls, the Bengals went from a consensus No. 9, dropping one or two spots. Bengals favorite Pete Prisco actually submerged the Bengals in a generic pool of disappointment, kicking the Bengals down five spots to No. 12.

They will look back at the Chicago loss and feel they gave one away. The turnovers were killers. This week's game against the Steelers is a big one.

Brian Billick went right after Rey Maualuga.

What a selfish and boneheaded penalty by Rey Maualuga.

SB Nation 11 9
ESPN 10 9 (Prisco) 12 7
Fox Sports (Billick) 10 9 10 5

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