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NFL Power Rankings: Broncos Claim Top Spot

I take a stab on how I think the power lies in the NFL. Feel free to let me know how you disagree.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

They are who we thought they were. Well, some of them were. The Patriots should have beat up the Jets, the Chargers can't hang with the Eagles, the Colts should handle the Dolphins and the 49ers vs. Seahawks game will be a hard fought battle.

None of those things happened.

We did expect Denver, Cincinnati and the Packers to win with no real issues.

These things did happen.

So how to rank? I got crushed in the comments the first two weeks for my placement of some teams like the Chiefs. It looks like I may be closer on them, currently undefeated. They are actually leading their division over the Broncos.

So on to this week:

Rank Team LW Record Reason
1 Broncos 1 2-0 So it wasn't 7 touchdowns, but the Broncos were able to move the ball on the ground and in the air.
2 Seahawks 3 2-0 Looks to have the best defense in the league. Great second half against the 49ers.
3 49ers 2 1-1 Smacked down by the Seahawks, but still one of the top teams in the NFL
4 Bears 6 2-0 The Bears are finishing games and Jay Cutler looks pretty good. Sometimes.
5 Saints 4 2-0 Drew Brees pulled it together when needed on the game winning drive.
6 Chiefs 8 2-0 I got blasted for keeping the Cheifs so high, but a nice win over the Cowboys and people are taking notice.
7 Texans 5 2-0 The Texans have struggled in games against the Chargers and Titans. They need to figure it out.
8 Packers 12 1-1 Aaron Rodgers is going to have to throw the ball a lot in this Packers offense.
9 Bengals 9 1-1 Left some points on the field but a big win against the Steelers rights the ship.
10 Cowboys 7 1-1 Need to establish a running game. You can't be too confident with Tony Romo taking the season on his shoulders
11 Patriots 10 2-0 Injuries are hurting this team and both wins were not impressive.
12 Falcons 11 1-1 Matt Ryan is a great QB, losing Steven Jackson and Roddy White and still pulling out the W.
13 Eagles 13 1-1 The offense is strong, the defense is non-existent
14 Dolphins 20 2-0 Mike Wallace got his touches in another Dolphins win
15 Colts 16 1-1 Losing at home against the Dolphins is not the way the Colts build from last season.
16 Lions 17 1-1 Tough loss to the Cardinals and a huge matchup this week against Washington will show what this team is made of
17 Giants 15 0-2 7 interceptions and no running game. Easy to see how this team is 0-2
18 Ravens 18 1-1 The game against the Browns was really bad. At times it looked like no one wanted to win
19 Redskins 14 0-2 Robert Griffin is trying to lead this team but has trouble getting out of the gates
20 Rams 19 1-1 This team needs to figure out how to put a full game together
21 Titans 21 1-1 Had the Texans on the ropes and couldn't finish
22 Cardinals 24 1-1 Nice win against the Lions but Carson Palmer still makes too many bad decisions
23 Bills 25 1-1 Mario Williams 4.5 sacks paired with the big finish created a nice win for the Bills.
24 Chargers 26 1-1 I have a hard time moving this team up when Philip Rivers can look so bad at times
25 Vikings 23 0-2 They played pretty well on the road against the Bears and did not rely on Adrian Peterson in the process
26 Panthers 22 0-2 At the end of the third quarter this team needs at least a 10 point lead to feel good about their chances
27 Raiders 31 1-1 The Jaguars are a bad team, can't praise the Raiders too much for beating them
28 Jets 27 1-1 THE QB situation is still a mess. The defense is what keeps this team in games
29 Buccaneers 28 0-2 Still seems like they are in pre-season evaluating talent, Josh Freeman seems to still be trying out for this team
30 Steelers 30 0-2 They looked better against the Bengals on Monday night, but this team is a long way from being good
31 Browns 29 0-2 Bad, bad team. Offense is putrid.
32 Jaguars 32 0-2 My worst team gets to travel to Seattle next week. They may just not get on the plane.