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NFL Power Rankings Week 4: The Donkeys keep cruising

I take a stab on how I think the power lies in the NFL. Feel free to let me know how you disagree.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's cool doing these rankings and seeing each week how you hit or miss. In week 1 I had the Bengals over the Packers and Houston and people ripped me for it. I have been high on the Chiefs and people thought I was nuts. (one person questioned how I could rank the Chiefs over the Giants and Steelers.)

It's not a science. A lot is perception and I perceive some teams as pretty good. The Chiefs are there, the Bengals are getting there. Many thought the Broncos on top was nuts, how does it look now?

On to this week:

Team Record Rank Reason Previous Ranking
Broncos 3-0 1 Still look like the best all around team, a ho-hum game on Monday that did not challenge at all 1
Seahawks 3-0 2 Still have probably the best defense in the league 2
Bears 3-0 3 They lay a butt kicking on the Steelers. The Bears keep on chugging. 4
Saints 3-0 4 Crushed the Cardinals and never took the foot off the gas 5
Chiefs 3-0 5 All they did was win on the road, in prime time, by 10, in an emotionally charged atmosphere. Yeah, they are good 6
Bengals 2-1 6 The Bengals don't win games like this. If they would have lost, the comments would be about how the Bengals can't beat good teams. 9
Patriots 3-0 7 The Buccaneers had no fight, a bunch of missed opportunities lets the Patriot love fest continue for one more week. The opening schedule for this team is so soft I am still not sure what to make of them. 11
Dolphins 3-0 8 Squeaked one out at home, but they continue to win against good teams. 14
Texans 2-1 9 Got destroyed by the Ravens minus Ray Rice. I still think this team has a ton of talent. 7
Packers 1-2 10 On the ropes, then had Bengals on the ropes but couldn't close. This team is good and will fight for the division but has to learn to put teams away 8
Cowboys 2-1 11 Complete dismantling of the Rams and Tony Romo is playing good football. 10
Colts 2-1 12 Who saw them handling the 49ers so easily? Does Richardson make them a challenger to the top teams? 15
Lions 2-1 13 The Lions had a decent win on the road but are in a tough division and will struggle to keep pace. 16
49ers 1-2 14 Bad loss to the Colts, this can't happen if you are hoping to repeat last years success 3
Ravens 2-1 15 They have not looked good, but then go on to dismantle the Texans with out Ray Rice. I still can't shake the Browns game and struggle to move them higher. 18
Falcons 1-2 16 Dropped a nail biter to the Dolphins and need to do some figuring out in HotLanta 12
Titans 2-1 17 Two teams played on Sunday, I am not sure what to think of either. They pulled it out late but it was the Chargers... 21
Eagles 1-2 18 The high speed offense looked rather pedestrian against the Chiefs on Thursday 13
Rams 1-2 19 Well, at least they helped kick start DeMarco Murray's season, the defense needs to figure things out. 20
Cardinals 1-2 20 Carson Palmer had only 187 yds as the Cardinals get hammered 22
Jets 2-1 21 Penalty marred game that showed Geno Smith and the Jets on the top 28
Bills 1-2 22 Ugly game where EJ Manuel was outplayed by Geno Smith 23
Redskins 0-3 23 Skins had a chance but had trouble with ball security and the game slipped away 19
Chargers 1-2 24 Beat up team that has trouble finishing a game 24
Panthers 1-2 25 Raise your hand if you had the Panthers putting up 28 unanswered in the shutout against the Giants? 26
Browns 1-2 26 Who really knows what to expect from this team. It looks like they folded for the draft and then they come out inspired and win. 31
Vikings 0-3 27 Allowed the Browns to win after trading away their future. Adrian Peterson is struggling to move the ball. 25
Giants 0-3 28 They just stink right now, if they are going to turn it around, it has to start now 17
Raiders 1-2 29 The Raiders will only go as long as Terrelle Pryor continues to make strides 27
Buccaneers 0-3 30 I feel like they did not want to be competitive at all. There may be a death watch on this coaching staff. 29
Steelers 0-3 31 As much enjoyment as I get out of seeing Ben Roethlisberger get banged up, it is kind of sad watching the Steelers play 30
Jaguars 0-3 32 When does the Tebow workout happen? 32