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NFL Power Rankings: Bengals range between 6-8 in final regular season polls

The Cincinnati Bengals are just outside of the top-five in the final regular season power rankings of the year. Justified? Probably.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The final power rankings are out -- well, they were out earlier this week but coaching changes and ticket sales stories took the cake on the "things that Josh obsesses about" category. So let's put a cap on this.

Most power rankings keep the Bengals status quo on their rankings comparative to last week with a few movers. Otherwise, Cincinnati ranged anywhere from number six to number eight -- and I believe they'd be higher if not for the inconsistent issues, especially when playing away from Paul Brown Stadium.

The issue of turnovers (Bengals have the most turnovers on offense among teams in the playoffs), Andy Dalton and snapping their postseason win drought highlight the cheery fuggin' comments.

The list.

SB Nation 6 7 9
ESPN 7 7 9 (Prisco) 6 6 8
Fox Sports (Billick) 7 7 8 8 8 8
Pro Football Talk 8 10 11