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Power Rankings: Bengals basking in top-ten glory

It's time for us to get into the swing of things. So we continue the week with our favorite thing in the whole entire world... Power Rankings!

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

NOTE: It's of our opinion that Power Rankings should be read with this in the background...

Ah, power rankings -- the subjective ranking system, created from a writer's perspective on the best and worst teams, which evolves every week. There's little scientific basis other than men and women having access to a white board and magnetic strips that describe 32 teams. Let's slide someone there, then there, how about here. What's the difference between a team ranked No. 14 and No. 15? Luckily, they have the answer to those life mysteries.

SB Nation ranked Cincinnati No. 10, asking if Hue Jackson can get more out of Andy Dalton. It's the proverbial question... only that it's asked at the wrong time. Dalton has been an exceptionally serviceable regular season quarterback with numbers that few quarterbacks have reached during their first three seasons in the NFL. SB Nation writes:

Can Hue Jackson coax a more consistent season out of Andy Dalton? Will the defense survive the transition from Mike Zimmer to coordinator Paul Guenther? And if they do, can the Bengals win their first playoff game since 1990? Marvin Lewis' future depends on it.

Are you kidding? Lewis is a "made man". Nothing touches him. Nuttin'. He could coach five consecutive 8-8 seasons and still outlast every coach in the NFL. It's well-known that during executive meetings, Lewis, uninvited, waltzes into the room, clanks his feet on the table and spends the next 45 minutes blowing a party whistler. No one says anything because they figure that Lewis has done more than anyone to advance the franchise, so he's untouchable.


NFL writer Pete Prisco, CBS Sports, tends to hold a favorable view of the Bengals... at least more than most. He currently ranks them sixth.

I believe the offense will take a big step forward with Hue Jackson running things, and they have talent on defense.

Since Fox Sports ditched Brian Billick, they've gone with a more robotic approach with their rankings. Cincinnati ranks eighth with more... you guessed it... Hue Jackson love.

The offense hasn't skipped a beat under Hue Jackson. Rookie Jeremy Hill is the perfect back for this offense. Geno Atkins has made a fast recovery and will help to lead another top 10 defensive unit.

NOTE: ESPN hasn't updated their power rankings since mid-May... which I'm assuming is the result of Michael Sam updates, anything Seattle Seahawks related (BECAUSE THE SEAHAWKS ARE TOTALLY VOGUE), disbelief about the Redskins name (while gladly accepting significant cash to show commercials defending the name), and Chris Berman manicures. However, in May, ESPN ranked the Bengals tenth.

So this is what everyone is thinking about your Bengals... Can Dalton do better with Jackson? Bengals can take a big step under Jackson. The offensive hasn't skipped a beat with Jackson. Well, what is it?

And that's the point about power rankings, they are pointless perspectives that are based on white board magnetics, Scotch, and just the right amount of weed. Admittedly, they're also good fodder for conversation and maybe for someone to bitch about... well, we have that covered.