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Bengals meet with Baylor cornerback Demetri Goodson

Goodson is a mid-to-late round prospect from Baylor.

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals have met, and shown "extra interest", in Baylor cornerback Demetri Goodson, the prospect told Brian Smith with the Houston Chronicle.

Goodson is a mid-to-late round prospect, ranked as the 33rd-best cornerback. As we've pointed out multiple times, the Bengals will interview just about anyone, including players that will fall outside of the NFL draft for possible undrafted free agent gems.

But as defensive coordinator Paul Guenther pointed out on Sunday, the Bengals aren't married to the idea of drafting a cornerback in the first round -- the idea of it was based on complete speculation on where the position is today.

"If there’s like an edge rusher, who do we rank higher? Who is the best player? A good safety sitting there? It used to be in the past, ‘We’ve got to get this position. One way or another. We have to fill this role.’ We don’t have that hole right now on defense," Guenther said via the Cincinnati Enquirer.