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Bengals coach Brayden Coombs attended University at Buffalo Pro Day

A couple of targets could figure into the Bengals draft board, including "Bo" -- a stocky power back. Khalil Mack was another, but he figures to be an early first-rounder.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

Cincinnati Bengals assistant special teams and quality control coach Brayden Coombs attended the University at Buffalo Pro Day on Tuesday.

Most of the focus was on outside linebacker Khalil Mack (6-foot-3, 251), who ran a 4.53 40 in front of at least 20 teams, including a handful with top-five selections in the 2014 NFL draft -- it was a sprint that matched Jadeveon Clowney's 40 during the NFL Combine last month. Some scouts recorded an even faster time -- everyone has a stopwatch, so take that for a grain.

Mack generated 28.5 quarterback sacks, setting a school record during his career there. He also set FBS records with 75 tackles or loss and 16 forced fumbles.

It doesn't seem like that the Bengals would have a shot at Mack, who may battle with Clowney as the first defensive end selected in the draft.

Running back Branden Oliver also participated. Oliver (5-foot-8, 208 pounds), who ran a 4.56 and benched pressed 225 pounds 26 times on Tuesday, generated over 4,000 yards rushing in his four-year career with 33 touchdowns scored.

The participants (per

Junior Participants: Dalton Barksdale, Nick Brock, Colton Caldwell, Patrick Clarke, Andre Davis, John Dunmore, Daniel Escobar, Dillon Guy, Cortney Lester, Tedroy Lynch, Brian Orzechowski, Adam Redden, Kendall Roberson, Trevor Sales, Witney Sherry, Jake Silas (will arrive with the seniors), Lee Skinner, Jake Stockman, Dwellie Striggles, Keith Takeh.

Other Participants: Kevin Chillis (Albany) Terrance Fede (Marist), Malcolm Eugene (Temple/Stony Brook).