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Cincinnati Bengals Undrafted Free Agent Signings

Charting the undrafted free agents coming to Cincinnati using various reports.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2014 NFL draft complete, the NFL shifts to a much more chaotic period. Teams are quickly and urgently signing undrafted free agents. Typically they come like an intense rivers, so we're updating the list as quickly as possible.

NOTE: Most are of these are according to the players themselves, their agents, or local media. There are rumored signings every once in a while that are unconfirmed, but if that's the case we usually make note of that and follow-up. Also this list is NOT confirmed nor complete, until the Bengals announce the signings later this week.

Alex Neutz WR Buffalo May 10: Report
Nikita Whitlock DL/FB Wake Forest May 10: Player Confirmed
Trey Hopkins OG Texas May 10: Report
Colin Lockett WR San Diego State May 10: Agent Confirmed
Ryan Hewitt FB Stanford May 10: Report
Isaiah Lewis S Michigan State May 10: Player Confirmed
James Wilder Jr. RB Florida State May 10: Player Confirmed
Curtis Feigt OT West Virginia University May 10: Report
Jeff Scott RB Ole Miss May 10: Report
Dan France OL Michigan State May 10: Report
James Davidson DE UTEP May 11: School Confirmed
Jimmy Bennett OT UConn May 11: School Confirmed