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NFL Draft 2014: Cincinnati Bengals select LSU WR James Wright

The Cincinnati Bengals used their No. 239th selection of the 2014 NFL draft on LSU wide receiver James Wright.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati addressed the need for a receiver by selecting LSU wide receiver James Wright in the seventh round (239th overall). Well, we use the word "wide receiver" lightly in this case.

Wright, who helped lead LSU to 21-14 win over Iowa in the 2014 Outback Bowl, ran a 4.43 40-yard dash during the predraft process. And the Valley Shook, SB Nation's LSU website, called him "never more than third or fourth options on offense", posting 25 receptions and no touchdowns during his final season. Can we say special teams? Ryan Whalen competition? Bennie Brazell reincarnated?

During the Outback bowl in January, Wright "smothered a muffed punt to give LSU a short field that led to its second touchdown and then batted a Jamie Keehn punt at the goal line back toward the five-yard line to pin the Hawkeyes deep late in the first half."

"It's more embracing the role of 'team,' and doing whatever you can for 'team,' " said Wright, who is listed as a wide receiver but rarely saw action on offense this season. "I'm happy and glad that in my last game I was able to impact the game and help us win. It means the world to me."

You kind of like him for that. But he is a special teamer through and through... not really a wide receiver.