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Projecting the Cincinnati Bengals compensatory picks in 2015 NFL Draft

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Compensatory picks are awarded to teams that lose qualifying players to free agency and fail to replace them, using a complicated formula that includes playing time, compensation and the playoffs.

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At some point during the annual league meetings in March, the NFL will hand out compensatory draft picks for the upcoming NFL Draft -- these draft selections are given to teams that lost "qualifying free agents" during the previous year's free agency. It's a complicated formula designed to help teams to receive something after losing free agents. Things like playing time, compensation and the playoffs are all applied to the formula. tried projecting compensatory picks, giving the Bengals a third-round selection for the loss of Michael Johnson... and that's it. Paul Dehner Jr. argues that the Bengals could/should receive a fifth rounder for Anthony Collins, while the team hopes for a fourth round pick.

Compensatory picks, which have been awarded since 1994, cannot be traded. Considering that most of Cincinnati's selections have come in the seventh round, they haven't had the best of luck finding players with their compensatory picks. A handful of the more successful selections include linebacker Landon Johnson, safety Chinedum Ndukwe, and wide receiver Andre Caldwell.

Cincinnati has been awarded with 24 compensatory picks in the team's history -- of which we could only determine 19. Of those that we actually determined, nine have been seventh rounders -- five were third-rounders, one came in the fourth-round and two from the sixth round. We'll update this list.

2014 6 212 LB - Marquis Flowers
2014 7 252 CB - Lavelle Westbrooks
2013 7 240 OT - Reid Fragel
2013 7 251 C - T.J. Johnson
2011 7 246 RB - Jay Finley
2010 3 96 CB - Brandon Ghee
2010 4 131 LB - Roddrick Muckelroy
2009 3 98 TE - Chase Coffman
2009 6 209 RB - Bernard Scott
2009 7 249 DT - Clinton McDonald
2009 7 252 WR - Freddie Brown
2008 3 97 WR - Andre Caldwell
2008 6 207 TE - Matt Sherry
2007 7 253 DB - Chinedum Ndukwe
2004 3 96 LB - Landon Johnson
2003 7 259 DE - Elton Patterson
1999 7 245 QB - Scott Covington
1998 7 222 TE - Damian Vaughn
1994 3 86 LB - Steve Shine