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Quick Snap: Interesting profile on Washington's Shaq Thompson

Shaq Thompson is one player that mock drafts love for Cincinnati. Here's a nice profile piece on Thompson from MMQB.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the passive aggressive nature from other writers, who overreach their radical attempt to portray your moral authority, mock drafts can be a fun exercise in 1) understanding players available for the first round of the NFL draft (no one gives a sh*t about the other rounds) and 2) figuring out what positions other teams are potentially addressing.

One player that mock drafts have identified as a good option to fulfill a need in Cincinnati is Washington linebacker Shaq Thompson. Emily Kaplan wrote a profile piece on Thompson at MMQB that, according to my flawless instincts, could be of interest for our information-hungry readers:

A 6-foot-2, 220-pounder with a rare blend of strength and speed, he was the youngest of four brothers to star at Grant Union High. The eldest, Syd’Quan, was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2010, but would always tell people, "Wait until you see Shaq. He’s better than all of us." Shaq became the country’s top-rated safety, turning down Oregon and Cal-Berkley (Syd’Quan’s alma mater) for Washington; he was the Huskies’ most-prized recruit in more than a decade. He’d go on to become an All-America, starring on defense, special teams and even, briefly last fall, at tailback.