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NFL Draft 2015: Pete Prisco grades the Bengals draft

We're reviewing grades throughout the day and we came across Pete Prisco's review, who gave the Bengals a "B+" -- which is consistent with most grades concerning the Bengals draft.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Prisco is one of the kindest sports writers when it comes to NFL grades... you have to do some things massively egregious to earn a failing grade. There were seven (or eight) grades of C and one D (the Buffalo Bills didn't have a first-round pick thanks to the Sammy Watkins trade).

Much like the rest of us, he's wondering at the logic of taking two offensive tackles in the first two rounds. We get it. It's what their board dictated and they were big fans of both prospects. Of course we'll see how that will play out. His mentions:

Best Pick: Third-round linebacker Paul Dawson doesn't test well, and he had some attitude issues, but he is a good football player.

Questionable move: Taking two tackles with the first two picks. I know both their starting tackles are in the final years of their contracts, and the tackles they picked are good players, but this team could have used some help now.

Third-day gem: I love fourth-round corner Josh Shaw, who I think will move inside to free safety and become a quality starter.

Analysis: The Bengals did a really nice job again in the draft. The two tackles they took were Cedric Ogbuehi and Jake Fisher. They are good players, but they won't help this year. They landed solid football players the rest of the way.