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John Weidenaar joining Bengals as UDFA

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Montana State tackle John Weidenaar has reportedly signed with the Cincinnati Bengals as an undrafted free agent.

MSU radio man Jay Sanderson broke the news on Twitter:

A full-time left tackle for the Bobcats,  Weidenaar held down that spot in each of his 38 games at Montana Stat. His 38 consecutive starts was among the longest streaks ever held by an MSU player (record was 48).

Weidenaar was reportedly very impressive at his Pro Day, and he had a pre-draft visit scheduled with the Bengals, according to the National Football Post.The 6'7", 302-pound tackle wasn't expected to hear his name called in the NFL draft, but's already part of an NFL team as Cincinnati brings him in via undrafted free agency.

He probably has a lot of developing to do on a practice squad before he's ready for the NFL. Offensive line coach Paul Alexander really had to like what he saw in Weidenaar for the team to bring him in almost as soon as the draft ended.