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Bengals sign Eastern Kentucky running back Dy'Shawn Mobley

The Bengals are continuing to add extra talent to their roster following the draft. Although running back isn't exactly a pressing area of need, they're probably making this signing to bring in a player who can keep the guys on the roster fresh for the season.

The latest addition is Dy'Shawn Mobley, the former Kentucky Wildcat turned Eastern Kentucky Colonel running back.

Before the 2016 offseason, Mobley was considered to be one of the better running back prospects in the NFL draft. A less productive senior season for Eastern Kentucky and a less than stellar performance at the combine caused him to completely drop out of the seventh round this year. But, he has enough talent to get work done in the NFL if he can bring the whole package together.

As mentioned, the Bengals are probably looking to him as a camp body to keep their roster running backs fresh. As frustrated as some Bengals fans have been with Jeremy Hill's underwhelming 2015 season, he's not going anywhere. Giovani Bernard, Rex Burkhead, and Cedric Peerman aren't going anywhere either. However, if he takes advantage of the opportunity, Mobley could use his time with the Bengals to wind up on the practice squad or get some good preseason tape for other NFL teams.