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Dalton interception leads to Packers field goal

Andy Dalton made a horrible reads and his interception led to three points for the Packers.

Andy Lyons

After the Bengals opened the game with a 14-0 lead in the first six minutes, the Green Bay Packers have been inching closer in the field position game. Cincinnati's starting position during their previous two possessions have been from their own eight and two, with the latter leading to a Sam Shields interception with :51 remaining in the first quarter (on a really bad decision from Andy Dalton).

However, the defense surged. Carlos Dunlap rushed an Aaron Rodgers throw leading to an incomplete first down pass. Dunlap then limited James Starks to a three-yard gain and on third and seven, Rodgers sailed the football down the left sidelines for an incomplete, thanks to Leon Hall pushing receiver Randall Cobb out of bounds.

Mason Crosby converted the 41-yard field goal, reducing Cincinnati's lead to 11 points with 14:57 remaining in the second quarter.