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Recovering Bengals offense reduces Green Bay's lead to three points

The Cincinnati Bengals struggled early, but have recovered with a fourth quarter touchdown that's reduced Cincinnati's deficit to three points.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

With 13:48 remaining in the fourth quarter, Aaron Rodgers threw the football deep for Randall Cobb down the right sidelines. The technician, Leon Hall, mirrored Cobb's route and just as he turned towards the quarterback, Hall collected the football for the interception at the Bengals five-yard line.

On the first play, Dalton dumped off the football to Giovani Bernard out of the backfield, and the rookie running back sprinted down the sidelines for a 31-yard gain to the Bengals 36-yard line. Andy Dalton completed a 22-yard pass to Marvin Jones on third and eight. The play ended with a Tramon Williams unnecessary roughness flag, moving Cincinnati to the Packers 25-yard line.


Following a 12-yard reception by A.J. Green, the Bengals have first down from the Packers 11-yard line. With a six-man blitz, Dalton floated the pass to Marvin Jones, who ran under the football for the touchdown, further reducing the Packers lead to three points. The point after kick was blocked.