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Terence Newman gives the Bengals a 34-30 fourth quarter lead

The game could have been sealed had the Green Bay Packers converted the first down. Not only did they fail to convert, Reggie Nelson and Terence Newman return the fumble for a touchdown to give Cincinnati a 34-30 lead.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

It could be a moment that the game was decided.

The Green Bay Packers have third and 12 from their Bengals 41-yard line with over four minutes remaining in the game and a 30-27 lead. If the Packers convert, then they'll kill even more of time and put Cincinnati in an extremely difficult situation. Aaron Rodgers flings the football to Randall Cobb in an open gap in zone coverage, five yards away from the first down marker. Leon Hall makes the tackle, but not before a measurement confirmed that the Packers picked up the first down.

Head coach Marvin Lewis challenged, and the ruling was overturned, putting Green Bay one yard shy of the first down marker. Instead of kicking the field goal to take a six-point lead with four minutes left in the game, the Packers decide to go for it. Not only did Cincinnati's defensive line push the Packers back, preventing Johnathan Franklin from picking up the first down, the football is jarred loose.

Reggie Nelson recovers, but loses it six yards into his return. Terence Newman, in a full-sprint, scoops up the football and returns it 58 yards for the touchdown, giving the Bengals a 34-30 lead with 3:47 remaining in the game.