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A.J. Green calls win the biggest since he was drafted

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green called it the biggest win. Defensive end Carlos Dunlap said it was a sign of their maturity.

John Grieshop

Admit it, you were unleashing high fives Sunday afternoon around 4:20 p.m.

A friend, wife, girlfriend (or appropriate contemporary for the opposite sex). Maybe a stranger at the stadium, a drinking establishment, or your next door neighbor. A high-five must be connected. Maybe you did a Google Images search for Katy Perry and gently high-fived the results on your monitor.

Most critical game in Cincinnati's history? No. They've been to the Super Bowl on multiple occasions. Most critical game during Marvin Lewis' era? No. Their win over the Lions in '05 holds a special place in our postseason hearts. Was it the best win for the Bengals during the Andy Dalton era? Cincinnati's week 16 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers last year holds that title.

Or not.

Per a tweet from Joe Danneman with Fox 19, A.J. Green called Cincinnati's win over the Packers, the "biggest" during the Dalton/Green tenure.

Defensive end Carlos Dunlap, one of the big defensive contributors during the team's win Sunday, a slightly less dramatic perspective.

When the game was over, the players did their twitter shoutouts, including Rey Maualuga who is finally warming up to us fans -- as we are to him.

Even Kevin Zeitler celebrated a win against his home state.