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Fan Poll: Give A Score Prediction For Sunday

The Bengals are surprisingly favored over the New England Patriots juggernaut this Sunday. Try and leave your orange and black hat at home and give us your score prediction.

Matt Sullivan

The Bengals have had a roller coaster of two weeks. After winning a ridiculously crazy game against the Packers, the overconfident boys in orange and black lost to a surprisingly strong Cleveland Browns team. At 2-2, the Bengals are facign a huge game against an NFL juggernaut in the New England Patriots.

Even more surprising than the loss to the Browns might be the new that the hosting Bengals are favored this Sunday. Are you optimistic? Do you believe that Cincinnati is rightfully favored? It's a fine line between being a homer and being a realist.

Give us your prediction and why on this Friday evening. We are anxious to hear your thoughts.