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Retired NFL ref tweets Dre Kirkpatrick’s pass interference penalty was “not a foul”

Did the refs make the wrong call last night right before halftime? One former NFL official thinks so.

Cincinnati Bengals 2012 Penalty Report

The Cincinnati Bengals committed 117 penalties, according to the National Football League Game Statistics and Information Systems.

Penalty Breakdown: Bengals Flagged 122 Times In 2011

A breakdown of Cincinnati's penalties in 2011.

Chris Crocker, Dan Skuta Receive NFL Fine

On Wednesday Bengals players Chris Crocker and Dan Skuta were fined for illegal helmet-to-helmet hits during the Rams game.

Bengals Commit A Season-High 11 Penalties Against The Colts

Bengals 2011 Penalty Breakdown

Five False Starts In Two Games: Breaking Down Cincinnati's Penalties

Penalty Breakdown against the Browns

Bengals penalties