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Behind Enemy Lines: The Impact of Losing Ahmad Bradshaw

The Bengals and Colts meet up for the third time this year and we are again joined by Josh Wilson of Stampede Blue to take a look at the I-74 showdown.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Scott: The last time these two met, Ahmad Bradshaw was having a big year. How has his injury impacted not just the offense, but the team in general? [NOTE: Bradshaw suffered a fractured fibula against the New England Patriots on Nov. 16]

Josh: It's been huge. Absolutely huge.

Ahmad Bradshaw had established himself as one of the most important players to the Colts offense and was one of the most complete backs in football this season when factoring rushing, receiving, and blocking.

He was a true difference maker and the offense was playing its best when he was in the game. Since he was injured, however, the Colts really don't present a threat in the run game - I mean, against Dallas they rushed for one yard on 10 carries all game.

One yard.

Trent Richardson isn't getting it done at all, and while Boom Herron has shown a lot of promise, he's no Bradshaw and he doesn't make defenses respect him. Defenses now have started teeing off on the Colts' weak offensive line, and in turn they've gotten to Luck.

They lost their best rusher, a valuable blocker, and an impact receiver. Bradshaw was so good that he became crucial to the Colts' offense, and when they lost him it was a crushing blow. They've had moments where they've looked great since then, but they haven't been able to put it all together since they lost Ahmad Bradshaw for the season.