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Bengals v Colts: Former Bengals RB Dan Herron making an impact with the Colts

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Former Cincinnati Bengals running back Dan Herron has pieced together a decent season this year, going from a practice squad player in Cincinnati to starter in Indianapolis.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Herron, a former Bengals sixth-round pick during the 2012 NFL draft, spent the first three months of his career on Cincinnati's practice squad. On Dec. 4, 2012, Herron was promoted to the 53-man roster and during a Thursday Night affair against the Philadelphia Eagles, he blocked a punt with 9:59 remaining in the first quarter... which led to a Josh Brown 24-yard field goal and a Bengals 10-0 lead.

Despite decent special teams production, Herron returned to the Bengals practice squad in 2013 before the Colts signed him onto their 53-man roster on Oct. 9, 2013. During his brief career with Cincinnati, Herron posted five yards rushing on four attempts.

Since then, Herron has played 22 regular season games with the Colts and generated 384 yards rushing on 82 carries. And, 2014 has been an especially good for Boom.

Against the Washington Redskins, Herron ripped a 49-yard touchdown run to give him 88 yards rushing on eight carries. "He's a talented, talented guy, and I think we've seen that out of him," Pagano said of Herron following Indianapolis' 49-27 win over Washington. "He's quick, he's fast to hit the hole and once he gets outside, he's got some long speed."

The following week, against the Cleveland Browns, Herron's second effort successfully led to a fourth-and-one conversion from the Browns three-yard line with 44 seconds remaining in the fourth.

Herron v Browns GIF 4th down

Andrew Luck found T.Y. Hilton on the next play, giving Indianapolis the game-winning touchdown and eventual 25-24 win in Cleveland.

Herron has outperformed Trent Richardson during the second half of the season and eased into a more consistent role as the team's starting running back, though with a heavy-passing offense. A side-by-side comparison between Richardson and Herron since Week 12:

Richardson v Herron

Herron hasn't been the answer that Indianapolis was looking for after Ahmad Bradshaw, a superior running back in the passing game and as a blocker, suffered a broken fibula against the New England Patriots. As a replacement for the generally ineffective Trent Richardson? Absolutely.