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Inside the Jungle - Episode 167 - The Dreaded Tie

This week on the show the fearsome foursome get together to discuss the Bengals tie on Sunday night, the signing of Greg Little, and much more. Get in touch!

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"At least you didn't lose." Then why does it feel like the Bengals did? Probably because the Bengals lined up for a gimme 36 yard field goal at the end of regulation that should have been made. Instead, we got to talk about the dreaded tie all week. Which means hearing things like "A tie is like kissing your sister." I can see it now on Last Week Tonight, "NFL Ties, how is this still a thing?" Hey Defense, if you're listening, wake up! It's Colts week!

On this week's show:

Scott, Anthony, Mickey and I start off the show by discussing our best and worst from Sunday's game against Carolina.

We offer up our issues with Vontaze Burfict. I give my reason as to why I think Tez is a genius.

Greg Little was signed by the Bengals this week to fill in for the newest Bengal to hit Injured Reserve, Marvin Jones.

We look ahead to Sunday's game against the number one offense in the league in the Indianapolis Colts. Dalton v Luck. Who will come out on top? What are your bold predictions and score predictions for Sunday's game?

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