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Inside the Jungle - Episode 169 - You Are Right-Handed

On this week's show we recap the Cincinnati Bengals controversial late win over the Baltimore Ravens. We also take your calls and look ahead to Sunday's game against Jacksonville.

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Offensive Pass Interference? Or Not Offensive Pass Interference? That, is the question. However, I think we all know in our heart of hearts, that it was Offensive Pass Interference. It's a shame that such a big call is the main talking point of a game that was massive for both teams. How about the Bengals beating the Ravens twice in a season? Hasn't happened in 5 years. Or how about the fact that Andy Dalton has now beaten the Baltimore Ravens in three consecutive tries? Though it was a major part of the game, the OPI call is one of many items up for discussion on this week's show. I'm sure Andy Dalton is thankful (ahem you're right handed, remember?). On to Jacksonville!

On this week's show:

While Mickey was off watching the Royals in Game 7 of the World Series, Scott, Anthony and I start off the show by discussing our best and worst from Sunday’s game against the Ravens.

The Offensive Pass Interference that was correctly called. We discussed why it was a great call. We also bring up the holding non-call on Robert Geathers.

Fatal Content rings in and asks us to grade the different groups. What did you think of our grades for the Offense, Defense and Special Teams?

We look ahead to Sunday's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Surprisingly enough Marvin Lewis's record against rookie quarterbacks is just above .500. Blake Bortles will be making his Jungle debut this Sunday.

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