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Inside the Jungle - Episode 174 - Steelin' a Win in Tampa

On this week's show we look back at the Bengals win in Tampa and get ready for one of our favorite weeks of the year, STEELERS WEEK!

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Last week was Thanksgiving and I hope that all of you spent Sunday night amending the things you're giving thanks for this holiday season. This year I'm giving thanks to Marvin Lewis. I've never been so thankful of him winning a challenge. I don't care that he won it illegally by throwing the challenge flag when he couldn't. Doesn't matter to me one bit. You play to win the game, kudos Marvin. Your team controls it's own fate in December, I'm looking forward to seeing how you've prepared this team for this stretch run. Why I'm writing this as if I'm having a conversation with Lewis, well, I just don't know anymore. On to the show!

On this week's show:

We start the show off by giving our Best and Worst of the game vs Tampa. We can all agree that the "officiating" was not at it's finest.

Toss Up! Who was worse in the first half? Andy Dalton or Marshall Newhouse? I take the latter. Why? They went out and signed a new lineman. I didn't see them signing any QB's due to Dalton's poor play. Though I made a mistake in the audio claiming that Nate Webster was the most recent former Miami Hurricane to play for the Bengals. It was actually Orien Harris. My bad!

When you look at the Steelers and their schedule you have to think to yourself, "how are they now 11-1 or 12-0"?

We wrapped up the show with our bold prediction, score predictions and shoutouts!

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