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Inside the Jungle - Episode 141 - Cornering the Draft

On this week's show we discuss the late NFL Draft date and continue our Position Breakdown series with the CB's. We also take some very entertaining calls this week! Enjoy!

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We are now 3 weeks away from the biggest night in the NFL offseason, the NFL Draft! How many mock drafts have you read? How many of them do you believe? Will the Bengals take a CB in the first round? How much faith do you put in the Bengals knocking another draft out of the park? They seemed to have really done well with this process the last few years (knock on wood). Let's hope this trend continues in 2014.

On this week's show:

We discussed the late date of the NFL Draft. Usually around this time we're in prime draft mode but this year its different. Do you like the late draft date? Who do you think it favors more? The teams? The players?

We take a look at the offseason schedule over the next 3 months leading up to the first Training Camp practice on July 23rd.

We take some fantastic phone calls from Greg, John from Kentucky, Chris from Dayton and Guttersnake. We love hearing from you, so don't be shy! Join us for a live show and have your voice heard.

We continue our Position Breakdown Series by looking at season that the CB's had in 2013. Most of the focus was on Dre Kirkpatrick and his "bust" designation. Is this fair? Is he a bust? Chris from Dayton says he'll eat his left Timberland boot if Dre has 6 INT's this fall. I'd love to see it!

After the show wrapped we had a blast on the "After Party". Did you miss the live show? Do you want access to the "After Party"? Check out the details on how to get these by logging on to Help support the podcast today!

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