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Inside the Jungle - Episode 142 - The Schedule Release and LB's

On this week's episode the guys discuss the NFL schedule release for the Bengals and we continue our position breakdown series with the linebackers.

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The NFL has come a long way. Do you think the founders of the league would have ever seen the day where the release of THE SCHEDULE would have a primetime slot on televisions in this country? It just goes to show how popular this sport really is. I would bet large sums of money that the ratings for the schedule release were higher than 85% of the baseball games televised Wednesday night. Now that the schedules are out, what do you make of the Bengals slate in 2014? Should be a fun one to dissect over the next few months leading up to kickoff on September 7th!

On this week's show:

We take our initial look at the 2014 schedule for the Cincinnati Bengals. They spend most of November on the road but in warm/dome climates, then have two games with the Steelers in the month of December. What do you make of the schedule? Do you like the early bye in week 4?

We discuss the Bengals exercising the option for the 2015 in AJ Green's contract.

As if we hadn't debated Andy Dalton enough on this podcast, we ventured down that road again. This time we debate the comments made this week in the local media and how he handles himself after big game losses in press conferences. Is this much ado about nothing? Were his comments this week ill-advised?

We continue our Position Breakdown Series by looking at season that the LB's had in 2013. Most of the focus was on Vontaze Burfict and his contract negotations. Are you afraid his level of commitment may drop once he's been paid? Which of the LB's was the most improved in 2013?

After the show wrapped we had a blast on the "After Party" as we relived some great films by the Farrely brothers (Dumb and Dumber, Kingpin, There's Something About Mary). Did you miss the live show? Do you want access to the "After Party"? Check out the details on how to get these by logging on to Help support the podcast today!

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