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Inside the Jungle - Episode 145 - Recapping the 2014 Draft

On this week's program we caught up with Paul Dehner from the Cincinnati Enquirer to discuss the Bengals draft. Mickey, Timm, AC and I also discuss our thoughts and take YOUR calls!

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Well now that months, and months, and months of waiting for the Draft has finally ended, how do you feel the Bengals did this year? I've seen positive reviews all over the place from some of the national pundits. I've seen some pretty scathing reviews of this year's draft as well. I was one of those fans who went off the deep end on the final day of the draft. It was right about the time the Kansas City Chiefs foolishly took Aaron Murray, one spot before the Bengals were on the clock. Ha. The Chiefs are going to regret that pick someday. What were they thinking!? I made no secret over the past few weeks on the show that I'd like to see the Bengals select Murray. At least we got the quarterback who's beaten him a few times in the SEC. How many other teams can say their 3rd string quarterback has 2 BCS Championship rings?

On this week's show:

We welcome Timm Bates back to the program this week and the 4 of us discuss Darqueze Dennard, the Bengals first round pick in 2014. With the selection of Dennard, the Bengals now have 5 first round picks at Cornerback. Solid.

We welcomed in Paul Dehner from the Cincinnati Enquirer to discuss the QB situation, the Draft and CFA's the Bengals signed and more. Paul's the man and his coverage of the Bengals at the Enquirer is top notch.

The Jungle Line was buzzing tonight, lots of calls and fans with questions about the draft and their take on how the Bengals did this past weekend.

We gave out our usual shoutouts and read an awesome email from Cathal in Dublin, Ireland!

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