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Inside the Jungle - Episode 144 - NFL Draft Eve

This week we made our predictions on who the Bengals will select in the NFL Draft in the first round and played some NFL Draft trivia.

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Congrats Bengals fans! You've made it! The day has finally come! The NFL Draft will kickoff later today in New York City and the Bengals will be picking 24th. So many variables and possibilities are running through my head. Do they take a cornerback? Do they take a defensive tackle? An offensive tackle? A WR, or RB? Will one of the big name quarterbacks slip to them at 24, should they trade up to get Johnny Manziel if he's available? We'll all find out later tonight!

On this week's show:

Anthony and I discuss some of the positions at play for the Bengals at 24.

I quiz Anthony on some NFL Draft Trivia and the dude didn't disappoint.

Richard called in and asked who we attributed the most recent success in the NFL Draft to. Is it Coach Lewis? Mike Brown? Katie Blackburn? Scouting Department?

We gave out our usual shoutouts. This week we shouted out Beth who tuned in to her first live show and Dan who sent an awesome email from England.

After the show wrapped we had a blast on the "After Party" as we continued to discuss the draft and our plans for our live show Thursday night. Did you miss the live show? Do you want access to the "After Party"? Check out the details on how to get these by logging on to Help support the podcast today!

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