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Inside the Jungle - Episode 150 - Gotta Love the Passion

On this week's show we discuss the curious case that is Jermaine Gresham and take a look at the rest of the news surrounding the Bengals and minicamp. Plus your calls!

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150 episodes! I am honestly shocked and amazed that this show continues to grow each and every week. Folks like you who download this show each week, folks like you who call in or tune in on Wednesday nights just make this an absolute blast to produce. From all of us on the show at and, THANK YOU for your support! Here's to the next 150 episodes!

On this week's show:

We start off the program discussing the Bengals cutting running back Jeff Scott. We here on the program thought that Jeff Scott had the chance to possibly unseat Brandon Tate in return game but clearly the Bengals felt he wasn't a part of their future.

We discuss the recent mailbag at where our GFOP (good friend of the podcast) Geoff Hobson states that the Bengals weren't happy with Gresham in 2013.

We also discuss some of the news coming out of minicamps and OTA's regarding the play of Dre Kirkpatrick. It sounds as though he's having a rough go so far in camp.

We take phone calls from Guttersnake, Doc Ox and GFOP Chris from Dayton. As you may recall Chris predicted a few weeks ago on the show that the Bengals would go 4-12 this fall. He calls in regarding the contract of Colin Kaepernick and discusses why Andy Dalton should NOT get the same kind of money. He also believes that Blaine Gabbert could do just as good a job with this offense as Andy Dalton has. Stretch?

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