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Inside the Jungle - Episode 148 - QB Contracts and Player Rankings

We discuss the contract of Colin Kaepernick and how that deal changes things in the Andy Dalton negotiations. We also visit with Jake Liscow from Pro Football Focus which released their Top 101 Player in the NFL. Plus YOUR calls!

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As the calendar flips over to June, it usually marks the starting point for another season of Inside the Jungle. In previous years after the Bengals season would wrap up, we here at the podcast would go our separate ways. But this offseason we made a choice to continue doing the show each and every week for YOU and I honestly couldn't be more happy with that decision. You have come out each and every week and supported us like crazy. Whether you're watching us live each Wednesday night, downloading the podcasts on your phone, even supporting us through our Patreon campaign, I can't say this enough but I am amazed, humbled, and thankful for the support of the show. We love doing this show because of YOU. So here's to kicking off SEASON FIVE of the podcast!

On this week's show:

News broke Wednesday afternoon out of San Francisco. Colin Kaepernick's new contact is a 6 year deal worth $110 million and $61 million of that is guaranteed. That's a lot of money for someone who hasn't won a Super Bowl and isn't named Manning or Brady. Andy Dalton's agent is smiling right now.

We visited with Jake Liscow from Pro Football Focus to discuss the Top 101 Player List they published recently. Jake touched on a number of topics but explained why certain Bengals players were ranked where they were.

The Bengals signed new offensive tackle Chandler Burden. We also offer up our thoughts and prayers to Devon Still and his family as it was announced this week his daughter has been diagnosed with cancer. Bengals nation is with you.

We offer up our predictions for the draft pick most likely to be listed as a starter once the Bengals season kicks off in September. What say you? Which of the draft picks do you think will be a starter?

After the show wrapped we again had a blast on the "After Party". We were joined via Google+ Hangout by Kurt Campbell in Asheville, NC and the one and only Amas from Dallas, TX! Did you miss the live show? Do you want access to the "After Party"? Check out the details on how to get these by logging on to Help support the podcast today!

Join us when we record LIVE on Wednesday nights at 9 PM ET at We'd love to see you in the chat room!

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