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Inside the Jungle - Episode 153 - Who is More Important?

On this week's show we welcome back Mickey. We also debate who is more important to the Bengals? AJ Green or Vontaze Burfict?

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You know the Bengals are doing things right when on a July night in the middle of the summer, we can spend 60 minutes nitpicking the Bengals roster and their upcoming season. Sometimes I find myself forgetting that this team has been to three straight postseasons. Maybe that's because all 3 of those appearances have been largely.... forgettable. But this team has come light years from the lost decade in the 90's. This team is relevant. This team is young, it's hungry and gosh darnit, fun to watch! Training camp is just a few weeks away, can you feel the excitement??? Are you getting pumped?

On this week's show:

We welcome Mr. Whodeyfans himself Mickey back to the program after a 3 week hiatus. Fresh off his 91 on a Hilto Head golf course he gets the conversation started with a bang. We opened up the program discussing AJ Green's #9 ranking on the NFL Network's Top 100 player list. Is that too high for Green? Are you surprised to see a Bengals player listed in the Top 10?

The conversation then shifted to the debate of importance. Who's more important to the Bengals? Vontaze Burfict or AJ Green? If you had to pick one player to miss a game, who would you pick?

Andy Dalton and his cast of Bengals receivers met up this week at TCU to work together and get ready for the 2014 season. As a fan, what do you make of these activities? Do you feel it helps? Do you like the leadership displayed by our quarterback?

We take a closer look at the Bengals running backs, in particular Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill. We debate which backs would get more carries in 2014? This led to the roster spot of Benjarvus Green-Ellis. From a numbers standpoint, it doesn't look good for the Bengals running back. Will he make this squad in 2014? Should he based on his performance in 2013?

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