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Inside the Jungle - Episode 154 - Can You Run with this Line?

This week on the show we asked the question: Can the Bengals run with this line? We debate the biggest athletes from the State of Ohio.

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We're just a few days away from Training Camp. Are you getting psyched? Real, and I mean REAL football is just days away. I never thought I could be more excited for preseason games than I am this year. Is something wrong with me?

On this week's show:

We start off the show discussing the offensive line and the question that must be asked: Can you run with this line? The Bengals were ranked 28th in rushing a year ago. Was this due to the scheme? The playcalling? The play of the offensive line? The running backs? The lack of a fullback? Orson Charles? What do you think?

Another email we got this week asked us about George Iloka. Though not flashy, he seems to do just do his job and do it well. As Scott said during the show "I can't recall a time last year where I cursed at the TV for a mistake made by Iloka." Maybe that's a good thing? I can't recall any bonehead plays or missed tackles. Can we upgrade at that safety position or are you satisfied with what you have in Iloka?

With LeBron James returning to Cleveland on Friday, we thought it would be cool to ask which former Bengals would you be ok with welcoming back to play? Corey Dillon? Carl Pickens? Could you forgive Carson Palmer ever? Justin Smith? Jonathan Joseph?

That topic spawned a discussion on the best athletes to ever come from the State of Ohio. The Top 3 list that we came up with was 1. Cy Young 2. Jack Nicklaus 3. LeBron James. We know we left out some pretty big ones, Pete Rose, Ken Griffey, Jr. So, what say you? Who's the best athlete to come from the state of Ohio?

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