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Inside the Jungle - Episode 156 - Deepest Position Group?

On this weeks show, Mickey, Anthony, Scott and I all discuss the latest surrounding the Bengals and Training Camp!

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We're ONE WEEK into Training Camp already and we're inching closer and closer to the first preseason game! Have you been to Training Camp so far? Do you enjoy Training Camp at Paul Brown Stadium? How do you feel it compares to previous camps at Georgetown College or better yet, Wilmington College for you old peeps! The first Training Camp I ever attended was there and I vividly remember looking at Jim Breech and being amazed at how small he was compared to everyone else.

On this week's show:

We start off the show by touching upon the touchy subject that is Ray Rice. The Bengals won't have to face him in Week 1 as he'll be sitting out his very light punishment. I think we can all agree that Mr. Rice's punishment was NOT severe enough. This is the story that WON'T be going away anytime soon.

In the last episode of the podcast we each picked one player we're following closely this camp. Our Training Camp correspondent Andrew Miller gives us the lowdown on the guys we highlighted previously. Give Andrew a follow today @andrewfoxmiller.

Guess what? Dre Kirkpatrick is injured....again! We discuss the latest round of injuries for the Bengals.

Marvin Lewis offered up some big praise for Margus Hunt this week. Are you excited by this? Or are you in wait and see mode to see how Hunt fares in the preseason against other opposition?

Finally, Fatal Content called into the Skype line to ask us his "Question of the Night". His question this week? Which position group do you feel is the deepest for the Bengals? I think you may be surprised by our responses. What say you? Send us your feedback at

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