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Inside the Jungle - Episode 159 - Cheese with That Whine

This week we look back at the Bengals loss vs the Jets, Paul Alexander's whining and look forward to the Cardinals!

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Halfway there. We're ALMOST to real football. "But Nick, they are playing real football right now. They're tackling another opponent." Yeah, ok. The preseason, to be fair, is quite boring. Especially with this Bengals team when you consider that you can pretty much name the 53-man roster right now. After two games, are there any players that weren't on the 53 a year ago making this team? At this point I find myself watching these games just praying that no one gets hurt. By the way, if you polled most fans of other teams, they'd agree with this statement. Hey, NFL, shorten the preseason please! Thanks. Now on to the show!

On this week's show:

Mickey, Scott and I spent the first segment giving our thoughts on Vontaze Burfict's new contract extension. @King55Tez just got paid! 4 years $20 million. Some solid spending money right there.

We discuss the loss to the Jets but more importantly the whining that was done by Bengals offensive line coach Paul Alexander. Needless to say, we differ in our opinions.

We look ahead to this week's primetime matchup with the Arizona Cardinals and give our score and bold predictions.

This week's Fatal Content Question of the Week? "Who is our biggest competition in the AFC North?" Your thoughts?

We also gave our shoutouts for this week. For me I had a special shoutout regarding the #ALSicebucketchallenge. I have challenged my co-hosts Mickey, Scott and Anthony. Here's the video of myself freezing. To donate, log on to

After the show wrapped we again had a blast on the "After Party". Did you miss the live show? Do you want access to the "After Party"? Check out the details on how to get these by logging on to Help support the podcast today!

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