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Inside the Jungle - Episode 157 - Dalton Deal Done

On this week's show we discuss the Andy Dalton deal as well as give our Bold Predictions for Thursday night's Preseason Opener against the Chiefs!

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Congratulations Bengals fans! You have survived the offseason. And now tonight, that patience pays off as you get to see the orange and black finally play a game of football. What do you want to see tonight out of the Bengals? We know we won't see much of the starters. But is there a specific player you're excited to see tonight? A fringe player on the roster that may be battling for that final spot? Or are you like me and just hope and pray NO ONE gets hurt? That sound you hear is me knocking on wood.

On this week's show:

Since there wasn't much news surrounding the Bengals this week, and since we made no mentions of his name in episode 156, we decided it was ok to talk about Andy Dalton again. Oh yeah, he signed a new deal this week. Based on the conversation I saw in Wednesday night's chat room during our live show, I'd say 98% of the folks tuned in were sold on the deal. It's a contract friendly to the Bengals, and it's also going to get Andy Dalton paid if he does what we want him to do, win games in the postseason.

We look ahead to this week's preseason opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs. We also discuss how similar the Chiefs and Bengals are. Both have quarterbacks who aren't uber talented but simply get the job done. Alex Smith is also looking to be signed by the Chiefs and KC's defense is one of the best in the league. Sound familiar?

We also gave our bold predictions for this week's game. What is your bold prediction for tonight? Leave them in the comments below!

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