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Inside the Jungle - Episode 180 - Cardale Fever

On this week's show we compare and contrast Denver's firing of John Fox after postseason failure and the Bengals support of Marvin Lewis despite being 0-6. What gives. Get in touch!

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It's very ironic that our very own Mickey Mentzer misses the show this week and then we ultimately end up devoting an entire segment talking about Ohio State and Cardale Jones. DOH! Hopefully Mickey will be back next week to bask in his scarlet and gray glory. Congrats to the Buckeyes on winning an improbable championship. One thing you can't argue about with the Buckeyes, at least their coach wins postseason games.

On this week's show:

Anthony, Scott, and I discuss the Broncos firing of John Fox after continued postseason failure. Then we look at the Bengals and see constant postseason failure but no changes. Clearly just getting to the postseason isn't good enough in Denver, so why is it good enough in Cincinnati? We discuss.

If you're the Bengals, are you strongly looking at Cardale Jones? He has played in only 3 games but you can't deny those 3 games and the 3 significant opponents. Not too many 3rd string quarterbacks can pull off what Cardale Jones just did.

Fadil from Malta asks us which Bengals free agent would you most like to have re-signed this offseason?

Anthony fills us in on his day at the NFLPA Bowl in Carson, CA.

We wrap up the show this week with the usual shoutouts!

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