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Nominate Inside the Jungle for the 10th Annual Podcast Awards Today!

Inside the Jungle has been a finalist in the Podcast Awards three years in a row, and we need YOUR help to make it a 4th! Here's how!

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Hello there Jungle Army! It's that time of year again! The Podcast Awards are back and the nomination portion of the awards has begun! Hurry though, the nomination period closes on February 2nd at midnight! To nominate our weekly podcast, just logon to On the nomination form and inside the Sports Category, simply put "Inside the Jungle" in the show name followed by "" as the podcast URL. Now remember you can only submit ONE nomination form so while you're filling out the form for our show, please consider nominating some other shows that are friends to our podcast.

Thanks again for all your support and WHODEY!!!!

Friends of the Podcast

Category: Gaming
Podcast Name: Minecraft Me
Podcast URL: Food and Drink
Podcast Name: Mommy's Cocktail Hour
Podcast URL:

Category: Education
Podcast Name: QC Step Podcast
Podcast URL:

Stay tuned for more updates as the Podcast Awards process continues!