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Inside the Jungle - Episode 179 - 4 Times the Fun

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On this week's show we recap the Bengals 7th playoff loss and 4th in 4 years. We also debate whether or not Marvin Lewis should pack his things and head for other opportunities. We discuss!

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Well, that sucked. While watching Sunday’s Wild Card loss to the Indianapolis Colts, there was an odd sense of calm in my house. A feeling of, been there done that. Honestly I did not even get upset while watching the game. Each time there was an incomplete pass I just simply took a deep breath and shrugged my shoulders. I would think to myself, yep, this is all too familiar. Big picture, Marvin Lewis has taken this team to 4 straight postseasons. That is a great. I’m just starting to wonder if that’s as far as he can take this team. What say you? On to the show.

On this week's show:

Anthony, Scott, Mickey and I give our best and worst from Sunday's loss to the Colts.

Should Marvin Lewis be retained as head coach? Is there someone available right now in the "coaching circles" that you know for a fact would do better than Lewis has? What if he leaves and the team reverts back to 90's Bengals? Yikes.

The four of us are playing Playoff Survivor. You get to pick one team to win this weekend. Who ya got?

We wrap up the show this week with the usual shoutouts!

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