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Inside the Jungle - Episode 227 - Bengals Blown Opportunity

On this week's show we recap the tough Bengals loss to the Denver Broncos on Monday night. We also look ahead to Sunday's finale against the Ravens.

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That was a very tough game to watch on Monday night. The Bengals had their chances to put that game away! Unfortunately the Broncos coaching staff made the necessary adjustments at halftime and got it going in the 2nd half. After sleeping on the game for a night, I've come around on the Bengals performance. Yes, it stunk they lost in primetime, AGAIN. Yes, it stunk that they should have put away the Broncos when they had their chance. In the end, it's a 3 point loss on the road against the AFC's 2nd best team. All with our backup quarterback making his 2nd start and missing one of our best players on offense in Tyler Eifert. It's a blown opportunity for sure. Hopefully they bounce back this week against the Ravens.

On this week's show:

This week I'm joined by the one and only Scott Bantel. We recapped the Bengals loss to the Broncos by offering up our best and worst from Monday. What was your best and worst from Monday's game? Leave your comments below!

We discussed the differences between the two halves for the Bengals. Scott believes that the large amount of criticism being thrown at Marvin Lewis is unfair. He believes the issue lies with the Bengals players and the coordinators for the poor 2nd half performance. What say you?

We also looked ahead to Sunday's game against the Ravens. There are some scenarios that will allow the Bengals to clinch the 2nd seed but they all revolve around Denver losing on Sunday to the Chargers. We also debated whether or not the Bengals should rest some starters on Sunday knowing that win or lose, at worst the Bengals will be the 3 seed.

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