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Inside the Jungle - Episode 224 - Bengals Beat Down the Browns

On this week's podcast we recap the Bengals big win over the Browns and look ahead to STEELERS WEEK! Plus your calls and more!

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These last two games have been absolutely great for the Cincinnati Bengals. The Browns win in Cleveland was refreshing to see. I love that the Bengals have outscored the Browns 98-13 in the past 3 games. Two of those games coming in Cleveland. I also loved looking at that empty First Energy Stadium at kickoff and seeing nothing but orange seats. It also makes me realize just how great we have it as Bengals fans right now. I hope we never ever tumble that low again. The 90's were so dreadful I don't know if this city could handle it again. But for now, we should be celebrating this great team that's now 10-2 and possibly on the verge of having homefield advantage throughout the playoffs? Say what???? On to the show!

On this week's show:

AC and Scott were back this week to join me on the podcast. We recapped the Bengals win over the Browns by offering up our best and worst from Sunday. What was your best and worst from Sunday's game? Leave your comments below!

We also looked ahead to Sunday's massive AFC North matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers! If the Bengals win they will clinch their 4th AFC North title since 2005. The bigger question on a lot of Bengals fans minds is will the Steelers retaliate over the Vontaze Burfict-LeVeon Bell tackle/injury? Let's hope not. But I wouldn't be surprised one bit. This is the AFC North this ain't intramurals!

Plus it wouldn't be Inside the Jungle without your calls. With our new updated phone system now you can call in and be placed on hold! You no longer have to keep calling in hoping to get on the show. We love our callers! So Bengals fans get in touch and call our show during our live broadcasts!

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