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Inside the Jungle - Episode 191 - Marv's Contract Extension

On this week's episode of Inside the Jungle we discuss Marvin Lewis's extension and take a sneak peek into next week's Live Show!

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The news of Brandon Tate's return messed us up so much we had to take TWO WEEKS OFF from Inside the Jungle. Ok, I'm kidding. However there was some big news to come out of the Jungle on Wednesday with the announcement of Marvin Lewis's contract extension through 2016. Not to mention the NFL released their 2015 schedule on Tuesday so what became an uneventful week all the sudden quickly filled up our show.

On this week's show:

We start the show off with the news of Marvin Lewis's contract extension through 2016. Is he deserving? Is this much ado about nothing? I'll be honest, I wasn't thrilled, wasn't disappointed, I just kind of shrugged my shoulders and rolled along.

We gave our letter grades for Marvin's injury riddled 2014 campaign. The consensus on the show is that Marvin had a pretty good year considering the circumstances.

We dig very briefly into the draft and offered up guys we'd like to see the Bengals select at 21.

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